Welcome to WYP (What’s Your Poison?), your go-to restaurant and bar for flavorful food, expertly crafted drinks, and overall good times.

Enjoy delectable meals at WYP’s all-day dining, boasting of signature Filipino dishes and familiar comfort food. Take a bite of our specialty pizza, homemade and cooked in our very own pugon oven.

At night, enter a bright world of neon lights and tiki parties with WYP’s bar. Refresh with WYP’s signature cocktails, including Hubugka, a sweet rum-based drink perfect for both laidback nights and high-energy evenings.

WYP’s got you covered from morning to night, whether you’re looking to lounge all day or party into the early hours.

"Experience culinary excellence with us - reserve your table now!"


UNWND Boutique Hotel Calatagan Sitio Layon Road, Calatagan, Batangas


+632 917 136 5397

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